Northern Harvest Apparel

Our Clients Reap What We Sew

Mike Langmack

Founder and Clothier

Northern Harvest Apparel provides full service Custom and Tailored Clothing to busy professionals in their office or at our Tailor Shop. Many of our clients also benefit from our corporate apparel programs utilizing high end sportswear and golf apparel to really make a lasting impression.

"Our Clients Reap What We Sew" is not just our slogan, it's our philosophy. I have spent my career helping professionals look and feel their best in fine clothing. Developing long-term relationships with my clients allows them to "trust" and "value" the approach we take. We tailor, re-tailor, design and help maintain wardrobes.

It’s not just having a good eye for fashion, its understanding my client's careers and social networks. Who they see and how they want to be remembered is paramount.

Most men have closets full of clothing with nothing to wear, purchased randomly and without any overall objective or plan for their personal appearance. We consult our clients to purchase coordinated outfits that fit their plan. Seasonal appointments are based on a predetermined delivery date. We really fit 3 things for our clients: their body, their head and their wallet!



  • Family background in men's apparel manufacturing.
  • Great, Great Grandfather successful shoe maker from Germany immigrated to US.
  • Grandfather shirtmaker, piece goods buyer for Guiterman Brothers Clothing.
  • Member Custom Tailor and Designer Association, oldest trade guild in US.